Single view of the customer

Bring all of your participant data together to deliver a 360-degree view of the participant across all your events. This single view of your participant or even family view across registrations, customer support, results and marketing engagements will help unlock the ability to deliver a personalized customer experience.
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Insights & analytics

Easy to access information that you need with pre-built reports and insights specifically for Event Organizers. These analytics are great for creating targeted marketing campaigns, up-selling and cross-selling events, and gaining insight on certain runner segments. Take it one step further and customize these reports based on your specific needs.
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Retention analysis

Acquiring new customers can cost 5-15 times more than retaining an existing customer. With an industry event retention rate of around 34%, knowing who your past participants are is imperative to retaining them. Assess your year-over-year retention in real-time by organization, event or sub-event with our retention tools.
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Advanced digital marketing

Grow your event with CRM, data insights and data-driven marketing techniques. Focus on personas, advanced segmentation, personalization, and loyalty & retention. Upgrade your email platform and start to build intelligent customer journeys that deliver marketing campaigns at exactly the right moment with Salesforce Marketing Cloud®.

I’ve been looking for a platform that gives Race Directors a full scale view of their participant database and Race Roster has developed and delivered a CRM that offers a “Single View” of each participant. Understanding who our participants are and what trends they follow allows us to market more effectively to our database and therefore significantly increase athlete retention.

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Frequently asked questions

Implementing CRM will not happen overnight. It’s a journey that will have short term benefits within months to long term successes over 2+ years. CRM is not just about technology, but a change in how your organizations thinks about data, marketing and participant experience. We will partner with you beyond the technology and become partners in your journey to build this critical foundation of CRM.


There are many great email platforms in the market. Salesforce Marketing Cloud ™ offers one of the most robust email technologies used by most Enterprise companies in the world. We will help you transition off of your current email platform so you may benefit from using this simple and powerful technology tool. Integrating your email activities back to the single view of the participant is the key.


No. Customers can en-roll in our CRM program that will give you access to CRM consultants to help you implement, daily support, cleaning and assessing your data as well as Race Roster’s CRM powered by Salesforce® technology. Our CRM is designed to be a niche-based endurance CRM that will give Event Organizers everything they need out of the box.


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