Peer-to-peer fundraising

Leverage the social networks of your participants to create an outstanding giving campaign. Drive more donations to team and individual fundraising pages with leaderboards that inspire friendly competition.

Multiple ways to give

Provide your donors with different opportunities to give. They can donate to a fundraising organization, directly to a team, or to an individual’s fundraising campaign.

Donation metrics & reporting

Monitor fundraising progress with fundraiser lists, donor reports, and daily progress metrics. Your team can easily access year-over-year trends to compare campaign health each day, keeping your fundraising efforts on track.
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Digital badges

Set goals using our digital badges tool. Custom badges allow you to reward your fundraisers each time they hit a milestone and our triggered achievement emails invite you to congratulate them.
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Tax receipting

Your donors have grown to expect their receipts at the time of donation. Save administrative work and offer exceptional customer service with our integrated tax receipting tool.

THANK YOU for walking me through so many silly questions over the past few months. Because of your help and your team’s delightful little badges, we were able to connect with so many more donors and fundraisers at this year’s Fair Oaks Sun Run. In fact, last night as I was sharing our fundraising total with my husband, he pointed out that we had a 230% increase in donations versus last year!! We at Fit for Girls are thrilled and can’t wait to top that total again next year

Capital Road Race Management
CRRM, Fair Oaks, California

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Instant tax receipting is expected and 100% available. Show your appreciation with personalized and customize branded thank you notes.

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Donors can give to individuals, teams, or individuals on teams, and to charities directly. The donor is also given options to send the fundraiser a message of encouragement, and display their name as a business, family or anonymous.


Sure thing. Our charity metrics and comprehensive donor list allows you to see who is giving and easily recognize trends.

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Absolutely. Reward participants with achievement badges that they can broadcast across all their social channels.

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